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About the Artist - Sue St. John

Sue St.John - Biography

I am a native Hoosier and I reside in Avon, Indiana where I maintain a studio in my home.  I have been painting for over twenty years.  My paintings have been exhibited and sold in galleries in the US.In my painting, I work in the medium of watercolor, mixed media and acrylics.  Most of my art works tend to be abstract or semi-abstract.  I love color and texture, unusual techniques, and in a unique style.  I enjoy abstract art which gives me great freedom in expression and fun.  When I see something emerge, it is so exciting to be making those shapes and marks that provide the energy for painting.

I have a strong affinity for the non-objective works of art.  My inspiration comes to me in many ways.  It could be a beautiful piece of cloth or observing a wonderful piece of art.  I like to paint with colors that I love and with line and textures that help bring about my finished works of art.  Teaching and sharing my discoveries has been a step further in my search for artistic expression and has been an added bonus in my creative adventure.


I am a Signature Artist Member of the American Watercolor Society and the Kentucky Water color Society.



Artist Statement


My abstract paintings usually start with a visual mood then evolve into compositions in which color is the primary subject.  To me, art is a synthesis of my personal feelings, moods or colors that inspire me.  Many times my colors are neutral in tone and serenity and simplicity are my primary goals.  In my work, I concentrate on value and texture and make sure they are right.  I usually work on several paintings concurrently thereby allowing me to keep a fresh eye on each painting as they progress to the final brush strokes.  I am continually fascinated with the magic that happens when colors hit the wet paper.  I allow the wet pigments to develop on the paper before analyzing the pathway into which I am being led.  For me each painting contains mystery.  Painting in this manner has allowed my artistic journey to be one in which my enthusiastic painting has evolved.

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